Want Room Decoration, Check Color That Gives Positive Energy As Month Born

COLOR can have a positive and negative effect on life. That's why it's important to think about the best colors for a private room. Meanwhile, in certain months there are the best colors to be applied in the room. As published Popsugar, Thursday (22/06/2017), this is the colors that can give positive energy in May-August. Green buds are closely related to prosperity and success, so if this is the color of your birth, be sure to include it in your office space or desk. Try applied to a green upholstered chair like this. Gold can improve successful communication, so think about which room in your house receives the most conversation activity. The dining room painting with a nice golden color can be a touch of interest. The color of this reef in July is soothing and promotes love and sensitivity, so by adding this color to the home area is the key to a successful relationship. This beautifully colored rug tapestry is placed in the living room or bedroom.